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5 Ways to ✋ QUIT Fast Fashion in the New Year

Whether you have been shopping ethical fashion for years or you have recently become aware of fast fashion, coming back to the basics is always helpful. Perfection is not the goal, progress is. Remember to be gentle with yourself. Growing in awareness is the first step towards change and this is a no shame zone! We want you to have the freedom to learn and grow within the Lev community. What is Fast Fashion? Fast fashion has three main components from the consumer’s perspective: it’s cheap, it’s trendy and it’s disposable. It makes purchasing clothes on impulse easy and affordable. Shoppers are encouraged to update their wardrobes regularly throughout the year to keep up with ever-changing trends. While most fashion...

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Why Support Women Owned Businesses?

When your purchasing power supports women-owned businesses, it increases the economic stability of our families and communities.  Data shows communities where opportunities for women are on par with men have fewer child deaths, fewer conflicts, better public services and health. Research shows that where women-owned businesses thrive, the community wins. 

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Heavy heart? Let's talk about it. ✊🏼 ✊🏽 ✊🏾 ✊🏿

The past few weeks have been filled with a burden for our brothers and sisters in the Black, Indigenous + POC community. Most of us feel unsure about how to move forward towards racial reconciliation. You are not alone. We believe that the Lev community is made up of hearts that want to listen, learn, and move towards real, long-lasting change.

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