Message from Lev's Owner

A Message from Lev's Owner:
If you haven't seen the update on our social media, on the 15th of March, my husband and I (Ashley) welcomed our beautiful daughter, Zinnia Mercy, into this world. She is beautiful and healthy & we are so delighted to be first time parents.
Because of this new addition to our family, I have been and will continue to be away while I heal and adjust to life with a newborn.
Lev is a one woman run company & that woman is me. I love this community & the women we are serving, but also know I need time as a new Mother. As the owner of a small business, I don’t get paid leave, but the timing seems fitting as I see so many people currently advocating for paid leave for new mothers and their spouses.
With all this, I will be away for a time. Expect delayed replies, slower order shipments, and rare social media updates. 
If you feel it in your heart, please continue to support and shop Lev. 2024 has already started off rough for so many small businesses and being on leave will have a major impact. If you have been eyeing something up please consider purchasing now. Something as small as a hair accessory can go a long way!
As a thank you for your patience Lev will have an automatic discount running while I’m away of 15% off everything.
With deep love,
Ashley Schlegel

Owner/CEO of Lev Apparel

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