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The Rectangle

You are a Rectangle Shape Rectangles are more straight, not much variation from shoulders, bust, through the waist and hips. You might have an athletic build or a slender build.  We have pieces specifically designed with you in mind: The Rectangle CollectionStyling Tips: Look for clothes that will create volume, with details such as frills, scalloped edges, and ruffles. Stay away from clothes with a large print, as they can drown out your dainty features. Draping will give soft lines across the body and will create volume in your more petite areas. Featuring The Theodora & The Isthmus Skirt

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The Strawberry

  You are an Inverted Triangle/Strawberry Shape Strawberry's have broader shoulders and more narrow hips. We have pieces specifically designed with you in mind: The Strawberry CollectionStyling Tips: Add width to the hip line with asymmetric garments or waistcoats to help balance out broader shoulders. Use block colors on outer garments and avoid any details or horizontal stripes on the shoulders as this can broaden the shoulder line.   Featuring The Emelina Tee  

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what's your body shape - a closer look

Still not sure what shape you are? Check out the video below to hear from Lev Apparel's Krystle Marks on a closer look into how to discover your body shape. Working as a personal stylist, Krystle has found the key to successful styling is knowing your body shape. We have put together a "Body Shape Identifier" video that helps you learn how to identify your body shape quickly and effectively. No measuring or calculating required!  Ready to learn how to style your body shape? Check out these styling tips when it comes to creating your outfit and what to look for while shopping.

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styling tips for your uniquely perfect body

Have you ever thought when shopping "Who is this designed for? Definitely not me." You are 100% correct and not alone. There are five typical body shapes women emulate. Identifying yours is powerful knowledge that simplifies shopping and makes getting dressed stress-free. It is the key to finding clothing items that work with your body's natural shape, not against it. Not sure what your shape is? Check out this video to learn how to identify your unique shape. You deserve to feel celebrated in your own skin and rock your shape! Below are some styling tips from our fashion stylist Krystle Marks that will compliment your natural shape. Hourglass Shape: Ample Bust, Curvy Hips, and Defined, Slimmer Waist Tops: Use...

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