Woman wears a black mock neck in the midst of fall with a plaid jacket tied across her shoulders.

Who Made the Alison Mockneck?

One of the beautiful parts of creating each of our pieces is knowing the impact it is making in the lives of women all over the world. Here at Lev, we are honored to have the opportunity to create clothing that gives vulnerable women justice, hope, and restoration! 

Yoke Apparel Manufacturing gives you and me the opportunity to create this impact. By manufacturing our Alison mock neck, they can give at-risk women in Vietnam work. These women are displaced from their communities due to domestic violence and/or shamed for choosing to have babies out of a culturally accepted relationship. In addition, many of the women have raised children and therefore have not had the opportunity to pursue a career or further education. They have no social welfare, community, or family to fall back on. 

Yoke Apparel runs one of the highest-paying manufacturing companies in Da Nang, Vietnam. They not only provide fair-wage jobs but also offer educational programs to ensure each woman has employable skills that allow them to find quality jobs in the future. In addition, all employees can work in a healthy and clean environment with consistent breaks, are fed healthy meals during working hours, and are treated like family. 

When Lev works with manufacturers like Yoke, we directly impact the lives of women and their families! Check out the images below to shop the Alison Mock necks that the amazing women of Yoke Apparel Manufactured for us:

Lev Apparel wouldn’t be what it is today, without women like this! We are so proud, honored, and grateful to come alongside Yoke Apparel Manufacturing in bringing freedom and dignity to so many incredible women in Vietnam! To check out more about Yoke, visit their website here.


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