What We Stand For

Stop Trafficking by Giving Work

This is our #1 priority here at Lev Apparel and the heart behind everything we do. The reason human trafficking exists in the world today is poverty. According to the Global Slavery Index, 71% of all trafficking victims are female so when we use our purchasing power to buy products that offer fair wages and dignified work to women it stops poverty and human trafficking in its tracks.

No More Labels

Here at Lev, we’re ditching the fashion “rule book”. The beauty industry hooks us on a loop of comparison that never ends. We believe in a more real and honest approach by understanding that we were all made different, unique, AND beautiful. We want to encourage women to step out of the box of what the beauty industry has told them they can or cannot wear and cultivate a space where women with any body size, type, or shape can wear whatever they want, however they want. 

Community not Competiton

Lev truly believes we are better together. We want to create a culture that links arms with fellow justice warriors to bring poverty and human trafficking to an end. There are so many beautiful people and businesses fighting the same fight and we want to support each of them in any way we can. We are not here to compete, we are here to champion each other forward.

Simple + Intentional Approach

In today's society, we have required employees to dedicate their lives to work instead of allowing them to work to live a fulfilling life. At Lev, we want to flip the script on this. We want to nurture an environment of honor, great service, and quality work while also ending the culture of instant gratification, grinding, and burnout. By giving us and our employees shorter work weeks, needed breaks, and flexible hours we hope to create a space that breathes life, creativity, and boundaries. Keeping our communication clear and open to our Community is a priority and will propel us forward into a more simple and intentional way of doing business.