The Anatomy of the Alison Mockneck.

The Anatomy of the Alison Mockneck.

There is no substitute for the real thing. Have you ever saved for something then decided to go with a cheaper version so you could have it sooner? Only to be disappointed because it didn't hold up to your expectations? Girl, you are not alone. 
We've all done it! The saying is typically get what you pay for. 
Lev has designed each piece intentionally to take away the frustration and disappointment low-cost garments can cause.
How, you may ask? Ashley, Lev's Owner and designer, pours hours into creating detailed designs that solve common problems. The Alison mock neck is no exception and today we are diving into its anatomy and why it is the perfect mock neck! 

  1. The fabric. If you do a quick Google search, most mock necks are made out of a mix of elastane or other synthetic fibers to make them stretchy. Synthetic fibers are not only bad for the environment, but it’s bad for our bodies. This is why we created the Alison out of 100% rib-knit cotton! Cotton is sustainable and better for our bodies + skin! Because of the rib knit design, there is still a natural stretch in this mock neck, and it allows for that soft + cozy feel!
  2. The collar. We all know the difference between a turtleneck and a mock neck but have you ever felt like even your mock necks are a bit high or still too tight on the neck? Us too. Well, we have done the work for you by creating a shorter collar (aka mock neck), with a little more room and without compromising comfort and style. This also means no weird tucking or it losing its shape over time! This collar sits at the perfect spot on your neck, tight enough to keep its shape, but loose enough to not leave you gasping for air!
  3. The sleeves. Sick of the sleeves on your shirts landing nearly at your elbow? US TOO! The Alison says "no" to long sleeves that aren't just that- LONG. These beauties are form-fitting with their lovely rib-knit cotton and are designed to have a length that gives your arms a sleek, slender look and feel!  In designing them with that feature, you can easily layer them under just about anything! 
  4. The length. Oftentimes, we reach for shirts we are hoping will work perfectly for our Fall and Winter wardrobe only to find... it's a belly shirt! When creating this timeless piece, we wanted the piece to have many uses. For us, having a medium-length mock neck was a no-brainer. While you don't want the shirt to be too long, you also want to be able to tuck it in underneath things! The length of our mock neck was important to us when we designed it so it has that versatility! The Alison reaches to your hips to ensure you can tuck it into your favorite jeans and keep warm when those cold days are upon us!

And to be honest, there’s not much more we could love about the Alison Mockneck because it is intricately designed with the smallest attention to detail and quality by Yoke Apparel Manufacturing. Getting to not only design a wonderfully made mock neck but also work with a company that has the same values as us is a privilege!

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