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5 Step Closet Cleanse for a Meaningful Closet

Spring cleaning is in full force. We are excited to share our favorite tool for creating a meaningful closet you'll love. Lev's 5 Step Closet Cleanse! Here is the process laid out in this handy 5 Step Closet Cleanse checklist. We are inviting you to join us by participating in your own #closetcleanse!  Post your before and after photos and tag #levapparel to be entered to WIN a scrunchie set made by our New Delhi artisans. Check out the video below to make your closet cleanse a complete success!

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The Hourglass

You are a Hourglass Shape Hourglasses typically have an ample bust, shoulders symmetrical with hips and an identifiable waist just below the rib cage.We have pieces specifically designed with you in mind: The Hourglass CollectionStyling Tips: Use draping to your advantage. Not only will it accentuate your curves - look for diagonal draping from the waist to hip area - but will also disguise the tummy area. Wear fitted clothes but make sure they're not too tight. Consider going one size up so your clothes really mirror your figure, rather than pull at it. Tailoring is also your best-kept secret. Always fit the most voluptuous part of you first, then get the other parts tailored down to fit.   Featuring The Nolen T-Shirt...

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The Pear

You are a Pear Shape Pears typically have a small bust, narrow shoulders and a little more love in the hips, thighs, or bum.We have pieces specifically designed with you in mind: The Pear CollectionStyling Tips: Be wary of the length of your clothes. Show off your slim top half and choose tops that fall above the hip line for a flattering look. Look for dark block colors on your bottom half and hems that come to the knee or above. Invest in a good bra - if it sounds like fun, a padded bra will add a few cup sizes and help you feel more balanced. Support underwear can pull in your waist and support your thighs - this is a great way to...

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The Apple

You are an Apple Shape Apple's have an ample bust, rounded in the midsection, with slimmer arms and legs.We have pieces specifically designed with you in mind: The Apple CollectionStyling Tips: Use clothes to sculpt your midriff, so it looks less like an apple and more like an apple core. Draw attention to the favorite parts of your body such as legs, shoulders, the neckline. Don't be afraid to use color. Vibrant patterns will gloss over problem areas and strong block colors will accentuate your best bits. If you desire, body control underwear can help define your middle area, pulling you in at the waist. Featuring The Emelina Tee  

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