Lev Story

Lev Apparel is currently under the Ownership of Ashley Olson as of Summer 2022. The office was relocated from Madison, WI to Stillwater, MN in June of 2022.

Lev was founded by Krystle Marks in 2018. Krystle's eyes were opened to what was happening behind the scenes in the garment industry that she just couldn't ignore. She found out that there are 40 million garment workers in the world today, 85% of them are women making less than $3 a day. Extreme poverty, like this, puts women at a higher risk of sex trafficking, domestic abuse, and slave labor. Krystle knew she needed to take action and so began her pursuit of creating a clothing brand that would end the cycle of poverty and human trafficking.

In 2021, Ashley Olson was hired as Lev's first Operation Manager. Ashley's heart and mission have always been to bring light to the darkness. She had been volunteering in anti-trafficking efforts for years and knew it was time to step into a career that could propel this mission forward. Through Lev, Ashley's passion- to help the world's most vulnerable- has grown in increasing measures day by day. She's found a new fire in her heart that was lit through working hands-on with our manufacturers and hearing the stories of women given freedom, hope, and restoration.
In the Fall of 2021, Krystle was called to step away from Lev and made the bold decision to listen to where she was being led. Krystle and Ashley had many meetings filled with deep discussion, prayer, and eventual confirmations that settled them into the decision that it was time for Ashley to take ownership of Lev.

In 2022, Lev Apparel was moved from Madison, Wisconsin to Stillwater, Minnesota, and Ashley began her role as Owner/CEO of Lev Apparel.