3 Ways to Spot Fast Fashion

3 Ways to Spot Fast Fashion

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Sometimes it can be difficult to know what's fast fashion and what's not.
Here is a simple guide to help you quickly spot fast fashion brands going forward!

1. The Price

See a price that seem too good to be true? Well, it probably is. Try to remember behind every dollar sign there is a person tied to it- $10 for a shirt may sound reasonable, but the reality is that the amount of time and effort women are putting into sewing each piece is valuable and at low price points, they can't afford to pay their workers what they deserve

2. Constant Turn-Over

Is a brand constantly coming out with new collections, always trying to stay up to date with the latest trend of the week? This behavior screams fast fashion. Constant turn-over means constant working. Add that to the low-price point debacle and you have women working long, hard hours each day to only come away with pennies for their earnings

3. Fabric Material

Take a look at the garment tag. If you see cheap, low quality materials- such as polyester- run away! These materials are known to break down and not withstand long-term and fast fashion brands know this and hope you'll come back to buy more!

Please don't feel overwhelmed or pressured by what you've learned here today. We want to encourage everyone to move towards buying ethically in the way they are able to within their means. Every small step and decision matters and adds to the bucket of big change Lev hopes to inspire.


If you ever have questions about the ethical world, what we are hoping to create within the Lev community or our practices, please don't hesitate to reach out. Transparency is the key to accountability and we value an open, honest approach to ensure the women we are here to serve are treated honorably.


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