The Anatomy of a Quality Jacket

The Anatomy of a Quality Jacket

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There is no substitute for the real thing. Have you ever saved for something then decided to go with a cheaper version so you could have it sooner? Only to be disappointed because it didn't hold up to your expectations? Girl, you are not alone. 
We've all done it! The saying is typically get what you pay for. 
Lev has designed each piece intentionally to take away the frustration and disappointment low-cost garments can cause.
How, you may ask? Krystle, Lev's founder, and designer pours hours into creating a detailed design that solves common problems.


1) Collar

We all know the struggle of a collar flapping in the wind or it not folding properly with the seam. Constantly readjusting it as you go about your day or having to iron it down over and over again.
Not with the Madison Jacket. 

Krystle knew she was not interested in any of our Lev ladies being in a constant fight with the collar, so she made sure it was sewn into the side seem to keep it in place. 

2) Pockets

You can never have too many pockets, am I right?
The Madison Jacket pockets were purposefully designed large. So many times we found jackets for women had itty-bitty pockets that could barely hold a pen, much less the knick-knacks we need as women.
Are you a Mom? A working-woman? These pockets are great for on the go snacks, toys or pacifiers for your little ones. Many Lev Community women have even shared that they adore wearing the jacket during work because they can hold their sewing tools, leather tools, etc in them and still maintain a professional yet chic vibe!

3) Fabric

Are the arms and shoulders is jackets typically too tight?? Is it enough to send you in a rendition of "Fat guys in a little coat!"? This is just plain wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. No one should ever feel this way in a chic jacket. The solution is simple, soft fabric with ample stretch. It's hard to express all the amazing attributes of the fabric chosen for the Madison Jacket, so I'll allow our Lev Community to gush for a moment about it:

"Wonderful fabric. Comfortable yet structured. Lays beautifully. Receive many compliments when wearing it!!"
-Sara S.

"I am so obsessed with this jacket. I was admiring it on the website for a while, I finally pulled the trigger and got the jacket. It is so much better than I expected. The material is perfect. It just elevates any outfit."

"This fabric is the perfect weight but also super stretchy to hang and hug in all the right places. It's the perfect addition to make any outfit instantly looked pulled together, even with sweatpants! Love this piece!"
-Paige K

The fabric of the Madison Jacket is made up of 95% organic double knit cotton and 5% spandex.

Choosing the right fabric is one of the biggest fast-fashion and low-cost clothing fails. Many times we find the fabric choices made, to cut costs, also cause a HUGE cut to the quality, structure, durability and warmth! 

4) Length

Everybody is beautifully unique. Unfortunately, many brands do not design for the different shapes women come in. In fact, many mainstream designs focus on ONE body type, which only 8% of American women have.
Krystle knew she wanted a jacket that complimented many shapes, so she had to pay close attention to the length. 
This Madison jacket falls just below "the sweet spot," as Krystle likes to call it. You know, that curve around the thigh and bum? That's the spot! Designing it to hit just below accentuates the female form and makes you feel confident every time you put it on.

Beyond the basic anatomy, the Madison Jacket's quality and value go up exponentially because of the incredible women we have making them! They are made by our partners, Work + Shelter, in India who pay a fair and living wage to give freedom to women who would otherwise be held under a dowry or forced into human-trafficking.

Lev is so proud of the design and quality of this jacket, but even more proud of the hands that make them!

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