The Benefits of Linen and How To Care for It

The Benefits of Linen and How To Care for It

Here at Lev Apparel, we love linen! Not only for it's great aesthetic and how easy it is to care for but also all the benefits associated with it. 
Before we get into the benefits though, here is a simple guide on how to care for your linen pieces:


Here are five Lev's favorite benefits:


1. STRENGTH: Linen is known as the world's strongest natural fiber. It is more durable than cotton, making it a long-lasting piece for your wardrobe.

2. HYPOALLERGENIC: Because linen is breathable and allows air to move freely around it, it prevents moisture build up so no bacteria or microbes are able to breed on your garment!

3. ADAPTABLE: Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring- Linen can adapt to any season! Because it is lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking you can throw it on during a hot Summer's day and not fear overheating. But, because linen is made out of Flax it is naturally insulating and releases excess humidity- perfect for those snowy winter days.

4. SUSTAINABLE: Flax, the power plant! This baby's cultivation is far more sustainable than cotton, and many other fabrics used for fashion. Flax is incredibly resilient, grows well in poor soil and requires very little water. On top of that EVERY part of the flax plant is used in making products, nothing goes to waste. Linen fabric is also recyclable and biodegradable!

5. COMFORT: Linen is designed to have a loose fit, making it perfect for anyone of any age, size or shape. Because it's lightweight, breathable and thermoregulating it is the queen of comfort! 


Lev's Recommendations on New Linen Pieces:


Our lovely linen pieces have come a long way, making a journey across treacherous waters in close quarters, to get to you. 

With that, your piece may seem a little stiff in the neck and crinkled where it was folded.

But don’t worry! It will relax in no time. You can either use a steamer or hang it next to a steamy shower to work out those woes. Each time your piece is washed, it becomes softer and more absorbent.

Thank you for taking it in and caring for your piece so well!


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