The True Cost

The True Cost

Hi Levlie,
We want to start a conversation around what your impact & the behind-the-scenes of what it truly costs to buy ethically and to run an ethical business. There can be a lot of concerns or questions about what is actually happening and how your dollars are making a difference, as well as wondering why things are priced the way they are.
We want to start with that today. The true cost of things and why we have to price things the way we do.
A common phrase people say when they take a look at an ethical line is “Well, I don't pay more than X for X”. Often that number is $20 or below.
We get it, because we've been there too. 
The fast-fashion world has us fooled.
We want to engage in more of these conversations not to shame you, but to help show the other side of that cost… because the reality is if it's not costing you, it IS costing someone else.
Big time.



Here is a simple breakdown of the costs that go into just one item for both the manufacturer and retailer

To break it down a bit more, when paying $10-$20 for an item, Manufacturers aren't able to cover the cost of their building much less pay their workers. This leaves factories in poor and unstable conditions with workers working long days & weeks, at appalling low wages. Just think, if a shirt costs you $10 that means 30% of that is covering the Manufactuers Costs. That means $3 is apparently covering factory space, machine costs and maintenance, supplies and THEN employees salaries. 
I don't think so.


this is a statistic taken from The Garnette Report showing just how little garment workers make (also, remember 80% are women).

Pause for one moment and think about that. A lunch break is what? 30 minutes? An hour? That small break is the equivalent to 18 MONTHS worth of work that a garment worker is doing ALL DAY LONG- often working 12+ hours a day. Many getting paid less than $3 a day. We won't even take $3 an hour, but they aren't even getting that PER DAY.


But, here's the thing to remember: Don't lose hope! If you didn't know this and are just learning it now- you are not too late. If you already knew but can only do so much- you are doing enough with what you have! Small changes matter and by linking arms and taking one step forward at a time, together, we will see the lives of garment workers change everywhere.

With Love & Hope,

Lev Apparel

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This is beautiful.
Thank you, for sharing what a reality is. Your heart is evident! Can’t wait to see more and read more about what Lev is doing with integrity.


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