Meet who we named our Mica Button Up after!

We love naming pieces after women in the Lev community who inspire us! The Mica was extra special because she was nominated by one of our loyal customers! Read on to meet Mica, whom this special piece was named after!

We decided to do things differently for this beautiful button-up and ask YOU to nominate a woman who inspires you and we would name this piece after her!
We were in tears as we read all the nominations and beautiful things you wrote about the women you love.
The winner was drawn at random and the beautiful Christy won who nominated her daughter, Mica! (pronounced: mai-kuh)
Christy wrote:
“Mica, because it is a beautiful name for a beautiful person, inside and out. She laughs big and loves bigger”
After finding out she had won Christy elaborated more about how special this was! 
She said:
"I just wanted to share a bit more about why this gift means so much right now. I just had major surgery a couple of weeks ago to remove a cancerous tumor. The tumor was found when I was being evaluated to be a living liver donor for a friend who needed a transplant. I had no symptoms and no idea the tumor was there. I was able to have it removed before it spread or caused any issues, and there's no way I would have known about it without a thorough medical evaluation to be a donor. I am recovering and will be okay, but it has been a hard time. Mica has been a huge help to me through all of this! She has dealt with chronic autoimmune illness since she was very young, so she knows how to help someone through a medical crisis. :)
All that to say, there have been a lot of hard days recently, and this brought some sunshine! So, thank you."
We are so honored to have this piece named after a woman who is caring, nurturing, a fighter, and a lover.
And we at Lev would love to take a quick moment to pray over the continued healing of Christy:
“Please bless Christy as she continues in her healing journey, Lord. Thank you that she has made it through some extremely tough times and that You are continuing to bring her through the rest of this. Thank you for the amazing daughter you provided her with who knows what suffering is and can stand beside her in empathy and love. Bless them both and we thank you for never-ending love."
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