The Shay Shacket/Jacket in "Grey" is featured in this image with Millie standing in front of a green wall of leaves.

5 no-fail accessories we use at Lev to ✨spice up✨ an outfit:

In a recent reel posted on Instagram, (click here to view reel) we showed you just one example of the power accessories have in spicing up an outfit! With that in mind, we figured we would share 5 no-fail accessories we commonly love and use at Lev to elevate our outfits to the next level! (And let us know in the comments if you commonly use any of these, or are going to try one of these, for yourself!)
  1. A good oversized jean or wool shacket. First of all, you can never go wrong with layers. And second, layers just elevate an outfit to the NEXT level! If you are looking for a great jean jacket- check the men’s section at the thrift stores! There are always SO many! (Style tip: if you are looking for a specific fit in your jean jacket, take a picture of that style of jean jacket with you to the thrift store so you don't compromise on what you want!) If you are looking for a wool jacket- look no further! We have two gorgeous colors here at Lev- "Grey" and "Plaid Tan."
  2. We love having any kind of hair scarf to either tie up your hair or even just tie on a bag or jean loop for some added texture & detail! Again, the thrift stores are full of scarves, but look in your home/closet first! If you have some favorite pieces of scrap fabric, hair scarves are very easily made by cutting them into the shape of a bandana. If you sew you can finish off the ends with a simple straight stitch or keep it rustic and style that rough edge! 
  3. A good pair of simple yet chunky hoops make an outfit at points for us at Lev! Many times we catch ourselves staring in the mirror, questioning what’s missing- only to realize earrings are the answer!! If you are searching for the perfect pair- check our Esther earrings out, in gold and silver! They make a lovely addition to any outfit!
  4. Layered necklaces! Not only do layers in clothing elevate an outfit, but so do necklaces! With that added dimension in an outfit, you open the eye up to more than just a layer or two of clothes! Try playing around with lengths, interlocking the clasp of one necklace with another one to get different lengths! (Let us know if we should do a video tutorial on this!!) 
  5. Socks socks socks. We think they are so underrated, but a sweet little cuffed sock, colorful sock, or something with a little ruffle peeking out adds a lot of interest to the bottom of your outfit! And while shoes are an easy accessory, socks are a fun way to “dress up” your favorite basic pair of sneakers or boots! 
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