what's your shape

Have you ever felt frustrated when shopping? Struggle to figure out what items will actually work with your body and not against it?

We want to let you in on the best kept styling secret that will completely change the way you dress. You were born with a specific shape unique to you. Period. There is no room for comparison here because we are all so beautifully diverse. Where you have curve and hold love will be different than someone else. We believe there is beauty and power in knowing that and leveraging that information.

Working as a personal stylist, Krystle has found the key to successful styling is knowing your body shape. We have put together a "Body Shape Identifier" video that helps you learn how to identify your body shape quickly and effectively. No measuring or calculating required! 

Ready to learn how to style your body shape? Check out these styling tips when it comes to creating your outfit and what to look for while shopping.