Mission & Impact

Lev aims to end human trafficking by going straight to the root cause, which is poverty. By giving women around the world a liveable wage to sew our clothes, we begin to end the cycle of poverty in their families- starting with them and passing it down to generations to come!

We currently partner with Yoke Apparel Manufacturing and Nary Resort to make our clothes.

Yoke Apparel, in Vietnam, brings in women who are displaced from their communities due to culturally unacceptable pregnancies. Oftentimes these women get trapped in the life of human trafficking to provide for themselves and their babies. Yoke has stepped into the gap by hiring these women, giving them a liveable wage, healthcare, and PTO, and making sure they are working within reasonable hours (40 hours) per week. 

Nary Resort is its own ethical brand but also does manufacturing, based out of Cambodia. They work with deadstock fabric to end the waste caused by fast fashion brands' over-consumption. They also work with destitute children and their families by providing free education or vocational training to lift them out of poverty. Their sewing center employs the parents, who would normally be trapped in the life of trafficking, while their children attend the school attached to the sewing center. The employees have amazing benefits such as free education for their kids, free lunch, liveable wage, 5-day work weeks (8 am to 4 pm), PTO, annual leave, maternity leave, and healthcare.

This is what Lev currently has set up. As we move forward, our goal is to branch out internationally and domestically. We want to begin partnering with Non-Profits on a local level to employ women coming out of sex trafficking to work directly for Lev. Right now, it's a one-woman operation, but as Lev grows we want to be moving towards creating programs that will allow Lev to hire at-risk women in the area. Lev has already started building relationships with Stories Foundation and Corries House which are working at a domestic level to give a safe space and job opportunities to women who have suffered from human trafficking.

The more Lev grows the more impact we want to make both internationally and domestically!