The Baldwin :: Jet Black
The Baldwin :: Jet Black
The Baldwin :: Jet Black
The Baldwin :: Jet Black

The Baldwin :: Jet Black

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The Baldwin Tee is a wardrobe favorite and will end the search for the “perfect tee”. If you are a t-shirt and jeans kind of lady, this is your item. We’ve given it the right amount of proper fit mixed with a touch boxy. The neckline keeps you current and updated, the shoulder seam flatters all shoulder widths, and the length is perfect for any tuck imaginable. Plays well with others.

Design Story:
Right away we knew we wanted two tee shirts as basics in our first line. The crew neck was designed for women who have a small to average bust size and are more straight waisted. strawberry sapepearRectangle

(What do those icons mean? Learn about your body shape here)

Stylist Pairing Suggestions:
Front or completely tuck in with your favorite pair of jeans. Use as a layering foundation for jackets, knits, and button-down shirts. Also lovely tucked into skirts, shorts, or ankle pants.

100% Organic Cotton

Model is 5′4″ wearing size small

She is a Rectangle Body ShapeRectangle