styling tips for your uniquely perfect body

Have you ever thought when shopping "Who is this designed for? Definitely not me." You are 100% correct and not alone.

There are five typical body shapes women emulate. Identifying yours is powerful knowledge that simplifies shopping and makes getting dressed stress-free. It is the key to finding clothing items that work with your body's natural shape, not against it. Not sure what your shape is? Check out this video to learn how to identify your unique shape.

You deserve to feel celebrated in your own skin and rock your shape! Below are some styling tips from our fashion stylist Krystle Marks that will compliment your natural shape.

Hourglass Shape: Ample Bust, Curvy Hips, and Defined, Slimmer Waist

Tops: Use puff-sleeves or shoulder pads on a jacket to emphasize your shoulder-line.

Bottoms: You can wear any shape skirt, but the pencil skirt is the most flattering on you. Team with a simple shirt or blouse tucked in. An A-line skirt teamed with a fitted top will mirror your fabulous hourglass shape. Peplum detail on a skirt creates a line down from the waistline to the hip, which will exaggerate your curvy hips and create a defined waist.

High waist, Skinny, straight-legged jeans that skim your thighs and are cropped at the ankle work well for you. Boot cut jeans will balance your curves - look for darker shades and ones with large pockets on the bum. High-waisted, wide-legged trousers will emphasize the curve of your hip without making your bottom half look overly curvaceous.

Accessories: For a night out, grab a clutch. Bold earrings are always a win. You can also have fun with necklaces on the declete that are either bold or delicate. 

Styling Tips: Use draping to your advantage. Not only will it accentuate your curves - look for diagonal draping from the waist to hip area - but will also disguise the tummy area.

Wear fitted clothes but make sure they're not too tight. Consider going one size up so your clothes really mirror your figure, rather than pull at it. Tailoring is also your best-kept secret. Always fit the most voluptuous part of you first, then get the other parts tailored down to fit.


Inverted Triangle/Strawberry Shape: Shoulders Broader than Hips

Tops: When it comes to tops, look for details that will soften your shape. A v-neckline top will be one of the most flattering on you because it visually breaks up the shoulder line. A waterfall neckline with ruffles will draw attention towards your neckline, and away from strong shoulders. Wrap tops are perfect for strawberry shapes, especially if you have a fuller bust.

Bottoms: Tulip, peplum, accordion, and fit and flare skirts will create volume on your lower half. Print and fun colors can help add visual volume to your lower half, drawing the focus away from a broad shoulder line. You can also play with adding textures such as suede, leather, or velvet.

Accessories: Long necklaces create a focus on the center of the body. Statement necklace with most necklines will also center you beautifully. Accessories can be statement and chunky if desired. Don't forget some show-stopping shoes.

Styling Tips: Add width to the hip line with asymmetric garments or waistcoats to help balance out broader shoulders. Use block colors on outer garments and avoid any details or horizontal stripes on the shoulders as this can broaden the shoulder line. 


Rectangle (athletic): Sporty, Strong, Toned, Few Curves

Tops: Stay away from round or plunging- they will make your bust look smaller - and opt for an empire-line cut instead.

Short, fitted dresses show off your slender shape and long legs. Flippy dresses with simple spaghetti straps instantly add dimension and femininity. 

Bottoms: Leggings look great as they show off your slim legs and allow you to wear something with more volume or detail on top. You can get away with skinny or straight-legged jeans in numerous colors, patterns, and finishes. Use A-line skirts to add definition to your waist. You can experiment with lengths - show off those lovely legs. Flat waistbands on skirts will add some structure to your middle.

Accessories: Give the illusion of a waistline - pull it in with a waist-cinching belt and look for a parka or trench coat with a large belt to really add some definition. Asymmetric necklines are great as they draw the eye line away from the shoulders.

Styling Tips: Look for feminine details in your clothes to soften any hard lines, look for feminine prints and soft materials. Animal print is great for athletic figures as it gives a 3D effect, creating lots of lovely curves. Ruffles or scalloped edges on tops or bottoms will work wonders.

If it sounds fun, you can add oomph to your cleavage with a padded or gel bra. Feel free to go au-naturale if that suits your taste instead. 


Rectangle (Slender): Slim, Few Curves

Tops: Peplum style tops and jackets are extremely flattering because they add some much-needed volume to the hips. You can carry off a slim-fitted boyfriend blazer to perfection, or try a simple, fitted jacket to add flattering definition to your frame. Make use of a cowl neckline - it will drape over the bust, adding extra volume.

Bottoms: Kick-flare jeans are perfect for you - the slight flare is flattering, and the slim fit shows off a petite waist and great bum. You can also easily do skinny jeans or wide leg crops.

Accessories: If you want to create the impression of bigger boobs, look for chunky statement necklaces that fall around the bust area.

Styling Tips: Look for clothes that will create volume, with details such as frills, scalloped edges, and ruffles. Stay away from clothes with a large print, as they can drown out your dainty features. Draping will give soft lines across the body and will create volume in your more petite areas.

If it sounds fun, padded and push-up bras can give you extra curves in the bust area. You can also try bum-lifter underwear to create a rounder derriere. 

Pear Shape: Small Bust, Narrow Shoulders, Bigger Hips, Thighs, or Bum

Tops: Spaghetti, ruffle, and embellished strappy tops are your friends because they show off your lovely arms, shoulders, and décolletage. Shoulder pads in jackets will help broaden your top half and balance out voluptuous hips.

Show off your slim top half with strapless or off the shoulder tops and dresses. A strapless maxi dress is a great buy - try and find one with a nipped-in waist. 

Bottoms: Minimize hips with dark block colors on your bottom half. Dark wash skinny, boot cut, or wide leg jeans will elongate the legs, especially with a heel or wedge. A-line or fit and flare skirts also work well as they make the waist look really small while skimming over the hips.

Accessories: Showcase your fantastic small waist with a thin belt across the smallest part or your core, just below the rib-cage.

Styling Tips: Be wary of the length of your clothes. Choose jackets that fall above the hip line for a flattering look and hems that come to the knee or above.

Invest in a good bra - if it sounds like fun, a padded bra will add a few cup sizes and help you feel more balanced. Support underwear can pull in your waist and support your thighs - this is a great way to get a smooth silhouette.


Apple Shape: Ample Bust, Rounded Stomach, Slimmer Hips

Tops: Open up the neckline. V-necks and scoop-necks are good for apple-shaped ladies as you often have a great bust. Use structured, tailored jackets to give definition to your upper body and show off your good shoulders. Look for single-breasted versions with a one or two button closure. Collarless jackets and blazers are especially flattering if you have an ample bust.

Wrap or faux wrap dresses are always a winner for an apple body shape as they fit nicely over a fuller bust. A side tie or shirred waist dress will draw attention to the smallest part of your core which sits under the rib-cage.

Bottoms: Don't hide in baggy trousers. Show off your lovely legs with straight, skinny, or boot-cut jeans. Look for flat-fronted trousers with a wide waistband to draw attention away from the stomach. Opt for an A-line skirt - a full skirt will make the waistline look more defined.

Accessories: Drop earrings will draw attention to your lovely jawline and face, while chunky bangles accentuate slim wrists.

Styling Tips: Use clothes to sculpt your midriff, so it looks less like an apple and more like an apple core. Draw attention to the favorite parts of your body such as legs, shoulders, the neckline...etc. Don't be afraid to use color. Vibrant patterns will gloss over problem areas and strong block colors will accentuate your best bits.

If you desire, body control underwear can help define your middle area, pulling you in at the waist.


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