Revamp Your Pieces with these Fun Knots!

Revamp Your Pieces with these Fun Knots!


One of the beautiful things about apparel is there are multiple ways to style a single piece into different looks, allowing for more capsule and less hassle!
A trick I love is a good knot to add variation to your tops. 
Check out my step-by-step instructions below on how to revamp your shirts with a simple knot to add a little flare to your wardrobe!
Basic or Oversized T-Shirt
1. Gather the front of your tee, hold tight near ribcage
2. Wrap tee end around your fingers as you rotate your wrist
(a few fingers should be peaking through!)
3. Tuck the tee end through the opening
4. Pull through the other side
5. Once secure, you can gently pull the knot away from your ribcage

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Button Up
1. Button your shirt to where you want the knot to end
2. Gather your ends, then cross the buttonless side over
3. Tuck and pull through to make your first knot
4. Repeat the opposite way
5. Pull and adjust until you have the fit you want

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Oversized Sweatshirt/Sweater
1. Grab two hair ties or rubber binders
2. Tie both ends on each side of your hips
3. Tuck each side under

Shop Lev Collection Here:
For a more detailed tutorial on how to create your own Levlie Knot check out this video!
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