a plan for the season

a plan for the season

Black Friday sales are all around us, because as you already know, shopping for the holidays is going to look a little different this year. You probably won’t see the lines outside of Best Buy, Target, and Walmart in the wee hours in the morning to tackle down the best sales. I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I was one of those thrill sale seekers waiting to grab the super sale gifts and some things here and there for myself. 

According to Forbes Black Friday shopping started mid-October...yikes, didn’t realize I was already behind. 

There are so many things grabbing for our attention and our wallets. And yes, Lev Apparel is a retailer looking for sales this holiday season as well. The desire is to go about it in a different way that encourages a partnership within our community, together we are trying to correct the fashion system and provide opportunities to women that often are neglected in a flawed cycle. We are in a moment where our dollar means more than ever. We do not take this lightly and are extremely grateful for your meaningful purchases. 

This year, I would encourage you to take some time and think about your loved ones, and how we want to celebrate the holidays. To help process what your shopping may look like, Lev will be providing a few tools for you as we enter the holiday season. First, we’ve partnered with Dawn from Dressing Dawn to create a meaningful shopping plan for you.

Dawn is a pioneer in creating more intention around living in the things we value everyday, including what we own and wear. She is an expert at helping people discover their values and how to live them out in their daily lives. When Krystle and I thought of doing a “conscious shopping guide” we knew who to turn to. 

Dawn, Krystle, and I created A Plan for the Season which prompts you to shop more intentionally, focusing on your values, and the values of the loved ones. Dawn came up with the perfect acronym prompt as we focus on this

S shop small

E experiences

A act charitably

S shop local

O offer help

N new or old tradition.

What values from above inspire you? Which ones make you think of your loved ones? What’s your budget? What stores or brands align with all of the above? We’ve provided A Plan for the Season guide to help you process your holiday gifting plan. We want this to help navigate this different season and help you focus on what matters most to you and your loved ones.

In the next few days, Lev will be sharing a curated Fair Trade Gift Finder and Dane County Shop Small lists for some inspiration. We also want to hear from you about your favorite gift ideas, brands, and shop small business in the comments below.

Together we can make a big difference in small ways this holiday season.

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